Lindor Christmas Elf

These little charmers carry chocolates and double as one-of-a-kind ornaments


Lindor Christmas Elf

These little charmers carry chocolates and double as one-of-a-kind ornaments

Placing a Lindt Teddy on a present makes it feel extra special. In addition to dressing up gifts, it’s also cute in a DIY snow globe or on a holiday mantel. Looking for ideas to decorate the kids’ table? Here’s an easy way to turn this gift topper into a centrepiece.

  • Materials
  • Steps

Brown pipe cleaners


Pine cones

Hot-glue gun

¾” wooden craft bead

Black felt pen

Wool felt

Small white pom-poms

Paint brush

Needle and thread

Lindor Truffle



  1. Start by making the arms and legs. Cut two pieces of pipe cleaner, each 4 inches (10 cm) long. Hold a pine cone (about 2 inches or 5 cm long) so that the bottom end points up. Tuck one piece of pipe cleaner between the scales of the pine cone, positioning it as the arms. Position the other piece as the legs. Secure both with a hot‑glue gun. Bend the end of each leg to make the feet.
  2. Next, make the head. Hot-glue a ¾-inch wooden craft bead (hole-side down) to the end of the pine cone. Draw two eyes with a black felt pen.
  3. To make the mittens, cut four small mitten shapes out of the felt. Hot-glue two of the shapes together to create one mitten. Repeat to create the other.
  4. To make the shoes, cut out four teardrop shapes from the felt. In two of the shapes, cut an oval notch about a third of the way up from the widest part of the teardrop. Hot-glue one of the uncut teardrop shapes to one of the notched shapes, and repeat. Hot-glue a pom-pom to the tip of each shoe.
  5. Cut out a rectangular piece of felt for the scarf. For the hat, cut out a semi-circle, then cut it in half so you are left with two quarter-circles. Form one quarter into a cone and glue the straight edges together. Use the end of a paintbrush to turn the cone inside out. Glue a pom-pom on top. To make the ornament holder, insert a threaded needle through the hat and tie off.
  6. Put the mittens and shoes on the elf. If the arms and legs look long, remove the mittens and shoes and trim the arms and legs. Tie on the scarf. Put a little glue on the hat to secure it to the head; it should pitch back slightly. Bend the arms up slightly and glue a Lindor Truffle into the arms of the elf.